Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Indy Scene... Box Office

This is just my personal take on the local independents and I am sure it applies to more than just Milwaukee….

I have been promoting shows since 1998 (Great LakesChampionship Wrestling) and I believe I have seen a lot of good and terrible talent over this time. I know some of the guys and girls have gone on to big things in the business and others have just stayed in the same place or have even left.

Independent wrestling is no longer about guys and girls that one day hope to become a star in the wrestling business it is now becoming a place where weekend warriors complain that they are not being used right or not getting their “opportunity”.

Where did this go wrong? I know the wrestling business has evolved and changed into something different, but “back in the day” people paid their proverbial dues. They got trained PROPERLY, they invested into real ring gear not just kick pads, they invested in their look, their body, their personality. Ever hear of tanning?

Today at most indy shows I cannot differentiate the in ring performer from the fan in the crowd. What happened? I believe it has become too easy to become a professional wrestler. Anyone can buy gear online find someone to “train” them for $100 and within a few weeks have their first match.

No longer do potential wrestlers pay a credible trainer (sometimes up too $5,000) to learn their craft. Wrestling school is just that a school. If you went to college and paid $100 a semester to get your degree I would have to wonder what kind of education you are really getting…?? Then after you learn the basics you would put on the ref shirt and ref some matches so you could learn from others from a different view point. Then maybe after six months or so you would get in the ring with someone that is a true veteran and work a match… Not anymore….

I get a kick out of talent that has that “sense of entitlement” that they should be booked on every show. Last I checked, the promoter runs the show, it is his or her money invested. Why does anyone think they should be able to tell the person with the money how to spend it??

Finally…. I hear far too often that a talent is being held back or disrespected or not being used enough. Well maybe if you had a fan base that bought tickets you would find yourself higher up on the card. Wrestling is a business that survives on fans buying tickets. If they fans do not buy tickets to see you perform, why would any promoter want to invest any time into you? Now before anyone says, “It is the promoters job to sell the tickets” you are wrong. It is the promoters job to make the people aware that there is an event, it is up to the talent to get over with the people that they want to come out and buy a ticket.

Just because you are the most talented and have the best matches does not mean you are getting over with the paying audience. Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage was the best wrestling match at Wrestle Mania 3, but 93,000 people paid to see Hulk Hogan body slam Andre the Giant.

Just keeping it real…. #DHHS


  1. It's incredibly difficult to run an indy these days, but're really whining. The newbies just want to be Superstars - they're dreaming, as they've always done. Every wrestler wants to - and thinks they should - be the main eventer; if they don't, they need to quit. Potential stars need several characteristics to make it (I'm writing a series of posts about it on my blog: ), and every indy promoter in history has had to deal with scores of dopes who don't have what it takes...but think they do. Why do you continue to book these guys at all? I'd speculate that you don't have a choice because of limited funds and a small talent pool (no shame in either, btw). Regardless, you're going to have to deal with it, and try to teach these guys what the 'schools' didn't.

    1. Maybe you should research what GLCW has done before you assume "funds" or "talent pool"....

  2. I was going to say you must not have ever been to a GLCW show because Herro's shows are the best! He books the people (indy and former superstars) that I want to see and I keep coming back because of that. I don't find myself going to many other indy shows every month or every time they have a show except for GLCW and one other company.

  3. I read Ted Dibiase's most recent book a number of years ago. It is a fantastic read. He said he got a little training and the rest he had to learn by actually working matches. So it applies to any era. There are guys who got little and the rest they had to learn in ring.

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