Monday, August 3, 2015

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My thoughts on "Hulk Hogan"

I have had some time to think about the entire Hulk Hogan rant situation and it frustrates me. It frustrates me that my childhood hero could be "like that"...

 It frustrates me that so many people are experts.

 It frustrates me that the only real reason that this has surfaced is because of a pending lawsuit.

 It frustrates me that we live in a world full of hypocritical people.

 I can only go by my past experiences. I remember when I was going thru my divorce, I had just built a gorgeous new home... felt like I was on top of the world and then BOOM... my world fell apart. I lost my marriage, my home, and my family was split... I was miserable.

 I made some bad decisions and wound up in a miserable and dark place. I felt like everyone was against me and I was made to feel that I was actually the villain in my own divorce. I am pretty sure I said some mean and hurtful things around my inner circle that was me venting in a safe place, I cannot imagine what people would think about me or anyone if they heard us vent our pain, frustration, and anger... sometimes we all lash out and say things we regret. I know that I have and anyone who says different is not being authentic

. It is one thing to call Hulk Hogan a racist if someone found the white hood and the propaganda that comes with it in his closet. But nobody has, thye have words from a man that was dark. A man that made bad decisions.

 Again I am not positive but it is just a theory. Growing up people used to say .... "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" ..... I guess that only applies to kids.

Now before this thread turns into some hate and race bashing,I would say this about anyone of any race, creed, religion, or color.

Hulk Hogan is just the example being made. I may be wrong also. Maybe Hulk Hogan is the man in this video. Maybe he truly is of a hateful heart..... BUT WE WILL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE WE ARE NOT HIM.

Racism has and will always be a problem in this country and around the world. I honestly believe that the media does not help any of us heal, instead it provokes more hate and fear than anything else.

I will appreciate any and all opinions below, BUT if it involves vulgarity and inappropriate content I will immediately delete your comment and block you. Use this as a vehicle to show the world that we are NOT sheep and that we all want to go forward. We are all ‪#‎SuperFriends‬ in my book... all the same. No reason to bash anyone, it doesn't do anyone any good and nobody ever heals.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hulkamania. ... RIP

This morning I woke up to messages about Hulk Hogan being removed from everything WWE...

Everyone was speculating what it was....and then I saw the transcript of his rant.

Let me make this clear... growing up Hulk Hogan was my childhood hero. I believed in Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania.  When I wrestled in high school Inwould run laps with "Real American" blasting on my walkman... I believed in the training, the prayers, & the vitamins. I believed in Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan is played by Terry Bollea..... much like Rocky is Sylvester Stallone and Terminator is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Hulk Hogan is a character.

Terry Bollea is the man that said the hurtful and hateful words.

Hulk Hogan is a huge part of my childhood and for most parts is a reason I am the person i am today.


My parents were my role models.... they are the ones that taught me right from wrong and how to love unconditionally.

Our heroes always seem to let us down,  this is why we need strong parents and loving parents to be our real guides thru this crazy world and life.

I am sure Hulk Hogan will be back....and America will forgive him..... but a part of my childhood has been crushed.


Monday, January 26, 2015

I believe in Roman Reigns and why Daniel Bryan did not win the Rumble

When it Reigns it pours…. Sunday Night the WWE Started off the Road to WrestleMania with the Royal Rumble. The Rumble is one of the more anticipated PPVs that the WWE has every year as it sets the tone for WrestleMania and gives the fans matchups they may not usually see.

This year, former Shield member and company favorite Roman Reigns was the man who outlasted 29 other WWE superstars including WWE fan favorite, Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan was the WWE Universe darling last year that wound up main eventing WrestleMania with out even participating in the Royal Rumble match. The WWE Universe was very vocal about his placement and eventually the WWE took notice and worked Bryan into the Main Event for the WWE Championship match vs. Randy Orton and Batista. Daniel Bryan was the “Little Engine That Could” or “David vs. Goliath”. He overcame all the odds and left WrestleMania as the WWE World Champion.

Two months later Daniel Bryan had to undergo career threatening neck surgery and was on the injured list for the next eight months. All that investment and time into his character development was gone.

Since that time Brock Lesnar, the former UFC World Champion and former WWE Champion and the man who ended The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania, defeated John Cena in a brutal match to win the WWE World Championship ( a title that Bryan had to forfeit)

This years Royal Rumble was filled with many young and up and coming studs such as Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Rusev, and eventual winner Roman Reigns. Daniel Bryan was one of the first 10 eliminated in the match and the Philadelphia audience was none too pleased. But he was eliminated at the right time. Imagine the heat if he was Final Four and still lost. Suicide for Reigns.

Daniel Bryan is an amazing talent. Daniel Bryan has a loyal fan base. Daniel Bryan is a huge star. Daniel Bryan has a damaged neck and last year they already played the “Underdog” Daniel Bryan character. If I am the WWE, I do not put one of my biggest stars, Daniel Bryan who had two career threatening neck surgeries against a beast like Brock Lesnar, a man that loves to suplex his opponents all over the ring. Lesnar’s style is to brutal for the recently returning Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns was the right call to win the Royal Rumble. Eventho the fans in Philadelphia and the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) may not agree.

Reigns is the only man capable of taking on Lesnar in a believable "fight". Roman Reigns has the look of a champion. Now before everyone gets on his case and complains that he is not the wrestler than Daniel Bryan is….. you are right. He is NOT the wrestler that Daniel Bryan is. He is a WORKER. He is a character, he is a personality, he is NOT a technical wrestler.

Here is a list of “Wrestlers”… Dean Malenko, Nick Bockwinkle, Verne Gagne, Chris Benoit, Ricky Steamboat, and Bret Hart ….. “Workers” include Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, John Cena. All amazing talents, all successful performers but the “workers” always seemed to be the bigger Box Office Draw…..

Last year the WWE gave you what they wanted in Daniel Bryan, unfortunately he got hurt and the investment of time and money in him was lost. When you ask how did they lose money on Bryan, you have to figure every segment of Monday Night Raw is worth $250,000… do the math on all the Bryan segments….. so John Cena was once again called on to bring balance to WWE untl Brock Lesnar was ready.

I am rambling and I am sorry… almost done.

The Rumble was well executed. Yes Bryan was eliminated early, but eliminated by young stud Bray Wyatt not Wade Barret or Cesaro, but by a guy who was dominant. Bubba Ray Dudley came in to put The Wyatts over in the match which elevated them. Boogeyman was in the match to put over Bray Wyatt, another elevation, and Diamond Dallas Page was used for Rusev. Rusev and Wyatt were booked very strong.

WWE needs stronger heels and the Rumble made both legit. Roman Reigns has movie star good looks and women love him, that sells tickets. Whenever you see women in the audience you know you are making money. San Francisco / San Jose has a huge Samoan population and the local media will be all over Reigns.

Perception is reality and when you see Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar on the poster the general public will see two monsters ready to fight. You will not get the same response with Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar. It doesn’t look believable. Some will argue that CM Punk gave Lesnar a competitive match, Punk lost. Like I said you got your Davis vs Golitah or Drax match last year.

Daniel Bryan will once again be the WWE World Champion, but right now the WWE is investing their time and money into making another star. The WWE needs more than just John Cena and Daniel Bryan…. Both are an injury away from being done. They don’t have anyone else ready to take their place…… yet.

Roman Reigns was give everything at the Rumble. He eliminated the two monsters in Big Show and Kane, got a save from The Rock and eliminated the Evil Russian Rusev to win the Rumble and even a closing hug from the Rock and Philadelphia still boo’d.

Give Roman Reigns a chance, remember when you all boo’d The Rock when he first started?? Now look at him. BOX OFFICE.

In closing… Seth Rollins became a star at the Rumble. He was tremendous, and even though he took the loss as long as he has that briefcase he will always be a top guy. WrestleMania will be amazing, it is every year. Let the stories play out stop looking for the last chapter of the Cliff Notes and just watch and enjoy.