Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finally...... I will explain why The Rock is needed for the WWE

The WWE had their Royal Rumble PPV last Sunday and the headlining Main Event was WWE Champion, CM Punk defending against The Rock. 

For the past seven days I have been reading the comments, the complaints, and the nonsense about how The Rock as WWE Champion is bad for business. That CM Punk got robbed. That CM Punk is a better wrestler. That The Rock will just leave the WWE for Hollywood after WrestleMania. You know what, I am sure most of that is true. Was Punk robbed? Maybe so. Is Punk a better wrestler? Probably yes. Will The Rock leave for Hollywood again? Absolutely. So I guess most of you could be right.

The fact of the matter is, nobody on the current WWE roster (except Cena and maybe Punk) has been elevated to pop culture or mainstream status. WrestleMania is about the show, the experience, the event. The WWE needs The Rock more than The Rock needs the WWE.  

If the current roster was WrestleMania ready then the WWE would not need to call upon Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Triple H, The Undertaker, and The Rock. As talented as guys like Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, and Daniel Bryan are they have yet to become the larger than life stars that the brand needs.  Now I do not blame the talent for all of this. The creative minds at WWE have started and stopped and started and stopped many of the young talents pushes more than I can count.

The Rock is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He brings a humendous spot light onto the WWE brand leading up to WrestleMania. He will sell tickets. He will create buzz. He will be on all the talk shows promoting his main event match. When the general public flips thru the channels they might just stop and watch the great one.  Name one current WWE star that can create this kind of buzz on Leno, Letterman, or Conan? Nobody…..yet.

When The Rock headlines WrestleMania against John Cena (or CM Punk) he will pass the proverbial torch to one of them. Some of you say he does not need to be WWE Champ to pass the torch. The WWE title is needed for this match otherwise The Rock vs Cena does not get there without it. There is no reason for each other to challenge the other again. The WWE Title is the cherry on top of the Sunday. It is the exclamation point. The two biggest stars in the company will be fighting over the WWE’s greatest prize.

I understand that “Passing the torch” does not always work out (Hogan to Warrior or Rock to Brock) but right now the WWE needs this. Cena is a legitimate star. The Rock dropping the WWE title to him makes him Legendary. 

WrestleMania is about the spectacle... Remember Snooki, Maria Menounos Liberace, Muhammad Ali, Tommy Lasorda, Bob Eucker, Pete Rose, Lawrence Taylor, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Mickie Rourke,Donald Trump, etc etc all brought BUZZ to the event. Now the WWE has one of their own to elevate someone else to the stratosphere level...

Believe me when I tell you the three months that The Rock will be the WWE Champion will only make the business and the current product better. Guys like Punk, Sheamus, Ziggler, Rhodes, and Del Rio will have a larger audience to show their talents. The rub The Rock gives the WWE is well worth the three months as WWE champion. Still don’t believe me?? Then just wait and see, it will prove itself. #DHHS


  1. I would agree with you, however, I argue that the Rock would be dropping the title to the ONE active wrestler who needs too be put over the least.

    At this point in time, I will not be watching Wrestlemania XXIX

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