Friday, May 18, 2012


BrookeHogan signs with TNA Impact Wrestling as a Knockouts consultant…. The IWC Explodes.

It's "to the victor go thespoils." The spoils of victory are the extra bonuses, perks, and treasure you get for winning.

"In the old days of war, the winning army pretty much got to loot the countryside and take what they wanted--wealth, harvest, women, whatever. Those would be the spoils of victory. In a relatively civilized setting, we use it more symbolically or metaphorically. The winner (victor, the victorious one, the one who gets the victory) gets whatever benefits go with the actual winning of the title, prize, award, office, or event. They could be formal or informal--that is, they could be a designated part of the prize (a gold medal, a contract with an athletic equipment manufacturer) or just tag along with it (celebrity status, free gifts, media attention, boost in their love life)."

I can understand why the wrestling fan gets upset, but c’mon people…. It’s how business works. Since the beginning of time we have always taken care of our own.  Whether it is corporate America or a Mom and Pop business family takes care of family.  That’s just the way world turns. Wrestling is no different.

GoodOl’ boy Network…. Strong loyalty to family and friends

As someone that has grown up in the family Real Estate business I understand. I was given a spot in the family business probably before I was ready but I also grew up in it and understood how the business works. I showed the doubters that I could do it and did well. Brooke Hogan will probably do the same thing.

Looks at some of the successful families….   TheTrumps, The Fords, The Waltons (Wal-Mart), The Disneys, The Gagnes (AWA), The Von Erichs (World Class), The Seligs (Brewers) , The Steinberenners (Yankees), The McMahons (WWE), and numerous other Fortune500 companies that have done extremely well and hired their children.  

TNA Impact Wrestling is a family based wrestling company....  Read here

There is nothing wrong with Brooke Hogan joining TNA, I am sure it will be a great experience for her as well as a resume builder. Who knows how much she is even going to be paid and it is none of our business.Maybe she has never taken a bump in the ring that does not mean she does not understand the business. Some of wrestling's greatest minds have never taken a "bump" and have gone on to make the product better... no I am not talking about Dameon Nelson.

How many of us would take a job if offered by a relative or close friend?? Honest answers… Most of us if not all of us would…

I guess at the end of the day people just want to bash Hulk Hogan and DixieCarter, it seems like that has been the popular thing to do lately. 

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