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The #SuperFriends PWRShow Draft.... Behind The Scenes

Hello #SuperFriends....  Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I want to thank everyone that joined us in Miami for the PWR Show #Shenanigans Weekend. It was absolutely tremendous.  Special thanks to Kevin Nash, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, Diamond Dallas Page, Rhyno, Robbie E, Rob Terry, The Headbangers Mosh & Thrasher, and Rikishi for joining us on Friday night and also to Maria who joined us along with Rhyno for the Suite and Sexy event at WrestleMania on Sunday....

Time for the new wrestling season to start "if you will".  It always seems that WrestleMania is the year end and the weeks after Mania is when new talent debuts and new story lines take form.  With that being said Dameon Nelson and I had our 2nd Annual PWR Show Draft last week where we drafted a total of 12 stars from any wrestling company of our choosing.  Now of course you can only score points if your talent participates on PPVs. 

So for the last few days I have been getting your feedback.. the good, the bad, and the ridiculous.  So I thought it might be fun to explain how I built my team and give you some insight.  You might be shocked at some of the reasons.

Lets first start off with the Nelson Family.  Dameon drafted the following......
  1. The Miz (received from SuperFriends  in wild card for Cody Rhodes)
  2. Brock Lesnar
  3. Daniel Bryan Danielson
  4. Dolph Ziggler
  5. Chris Jericho
  6. Brodus Clay
  7. The Big SHow
  8. Mark Henry
  9. Santino Marella
10. Randy Orton
11. Jeff Hardy
12. Austin Aries

As you can see Dameon drafted a solid team, the loss of his Golden Boy to me Cody Rhodes was a humendous hit for his team, but over all it is not terrible.

It is now time to go Draft pick by Draft pick for team #SuperFriends....

1. CM Punk... Now I am sure quite a few of you were shocked that I would take The Punker because so many of you think that I don't like the guy.  The fact of the matter is that the WWE has invested so much time and money and merchandise into CM Punk that I had no choice but to pick him #1. The guy is a clean superstar.  They don't have to worry about finding him passed out in the hotel lobby and the fans adore him.  Did I mention he sells a ton of merchandise??  RAW was built around two guys... Superman and Batman aka Hogan and Savage aka Cena and Punk. So as you can see Punk was a safe bet and a lock for a tremendous year.

2. John Cena ... Is there really any need for an explanation.  He is the Golden Goose for the WWE. The biggest star they have.

3. Sheamus... The Great White.  This guy is the X factor in my draft.  He has a rocket on his back right now but is also in a program with DBD, a guy that has gained a lot of steam in recent months. Sheamus has a great look, charismatic, good work ethic and obviously  company guy. He kind of reminds a bit of Batista, a guy that can sell tickets and be the monster that wrestling needs. I expect him to be upper mid card for most of the year on all WWE PPVS.

4. Alberto Del Rio... This guy is rich, handsome, and powerful... #ButYouAlreadyKnewThat. ADR is the guy that the WWE can go to in a pinch.  He is a good looking heel with a great gimmick that has always worked. Look at guys like The Million Dollar Man and JBL. The fans love to boo the pompous and wealthy.  ADR can work and was a big star in Mexico. The WWE needs the international flavor and they have that in ADR. Some sort of gold is a given around his waist. He is too good not to.

5. Ryback.... Now here is a pick that I caught a ton of grief for. You say he is unproven, one dimensional, blah blah blah.  The thing that most of you are missing is that the WWE has held this guy a spot for almost two years now. Yes he was hurt, but they still kept this spot open for him which tells me one thing.... They have a plan for him. Is it a roll of the dice? Absolutely, but the fact is they did not give his spot to someone else.

6. Cody Rhodes (in exchange for The Miz) This was the Funny Ha Ha moment in the draft. Some of you think I will kill his career. So now I have to see the #SaveCody in my time line. I look at it as fate. Cody and I were meant to win together. I fully expect Cody Rhodes to be the man in the WWE. The have slowly groomed him and prepared him. Everything I have heard about Cody has been positive and the son of the son of a plumber will have many opportunities to shine in the WWE in 2012.  Thanks Dameon!!

7. Ken Anderson.... My #SuperFriend. When it comes to TNA you really have no idea which way the company will go, but knowing that TNA has signed Anderson to a contract extension has me excited about his future. Right now with Bobby Roode as the TNA Impact World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion they will need plenty of baby faces to work with and I think Anderson vs Roode has money written all over it.

8. Bobby Roode... The TNA Impact World Champion was there for me at pick number eight... How could I pass this up. Roode is the guy in TNA, he has had the most character development of any TNA star in the past couple years and I do not see that changing anytime soon.  He is a believable champion and he can work. barring an injury I see Roode at the top of the TNA card for the rest of the year.

9. Lord Tensai.... This guy is a beast. The former A-Train is a big man that can go. Yes he has started out slow so far, but lets not forget he also has a win over John Cena. Remember Umaga?? Started out slow then went on to be the Bulldozer and had a great run. Tensai is a great worker, he had tremendous matches with Chris Benoit and has also had a fabulous career in Japan. He has not been in the WWE for several years so he will have to get re-acclimated to the WWE ring style.  He will be a home run for Team SuperFriends, he just has to find his groove.

10. Kane... The Big Red Machine was actually chosen by Mike Wickett, not too sure if I would have picked Kane on my team but whats done is done. One of the things that really stood out to me during WrestleMania weekend was how much praise Kane received at the Hall of Fame. This may be his last year in the WWE so I would expect this team player to get one more solid run on his way out.

Supplemental picks...
Zach Ryder... Amazing how fast so many of you turned on this guy. Remember when I said he wasn't ready and I was the hater??? Well I think he has finally paid his dues in the eyes of the WWE office and should be on his way. Now I am not comparing Ryder to Triple H, but remember when Haitch was burried for over a year as punishment? He went on to become one of the biggest stars in the business.  Sometimes the "Office" will do things to mess with a persons psyche to see how bad they want something. Ryder sells a lot of merchandise and the crowd generally adores him. Time for him to turn the corner. 

Robbie E... I am not gonna lie, Robbie is a real #SuperFriend. Super good guy and he gets it. Yes he has the Jersey Shore gimmick but if you watch his ring work he is very solid. He is a true heel (did I just say that??)
Give him some time and I can see TNA using his real heat as a spring board to pushing him up the card and putting him in some solid programs. Just because he dropped the belt to Devon doesn't mean bigger things are not on the horizon for this kid.  Sometimes you just gotta believe.

Well that is all that I got.  I hope this helps some of you understand the methods to my madness.  Like I said before #SuperHeroes need #SideKicks to be successful.  I believe this team of #SuperFriends may actually be a better blend and more successful than the team I had last year.  Of course only time will tell.  Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback...

P.S.  I heard that the Wizard World Toy and Comic Conventions are now in a partnership with the WWE and that the WWE now has final say as to what non WWE wrestling talent can participate and be a vendor at these conventions.  I think Wizard is making a huge mistake and shame on the WWE if this is true. I have been attending Wizard World for many years and have helped other stars get booths in the past. Rather disappointing that I will not have that opportunity this year.

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