Monday, April 30, 2012

John Cena HAD to beat Brock Lesnar

Okay #SuperFriends.... Lets not get to upset here.  John Cena had to beat Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules on PPV. I have seen the tweets and the RTs about how can Cena beat Brock?? How can the $5,000,000 man Brock Lesnar "job" to Cena?? SuperCena sucks....

Well... lemme tell you something Mean Gene....

Do you remember when Lesnar after his match with Bill Goldberg at Wrestle Mania 20? It was terrible. The match sucked, the way the did business sucked, and the crowd hated it.  Lesnar left the WWE on rocky/ terrible terms. The WWE had big plans for Lesnar and he up and quit. Yes he quit. Now don't get me wrong he has every right to leave if he wants to because lets not forget that pro wrestlers are considered "Independent Contractors"....

So Lesnar leaves and he bashed the WWE on the way out to anyone that would listen.  Then he gets involved in a multi million dollar lawsuit with the WWE. I really do not think that Vince McMahon and the powers that be in Stamford ever forgot about this.

Now as Lesnar leaves a new star is on the rise... John Cena. The company guy, the guy that does everything and more of what has been asked of him. Cena was doing non stop appearances, movies, tv shows, Make A Wish, all over the world promoting the WWE brand and making the "office" and himself a lot of money.

For the most part everyone that I have talked with that knows Cena says he does great business, that his work ethic is second to none and that Vince loves his Golden Goose.

So with all that being said.... Why would Vince have his most loyal employee lose to a guy that left him high and dry??  If you actually watched the match you would see that Brock's return match to WWE was the same as his debut in the UFC. He dominated dominated dominated his opponent until he made a mistake that cost him the match. That's what happened.... He dominated and battered Cena for 95% of the match only to get cocky and run into a Masterlock fist from John Cena. So if you look at it, Cena did not beat Brock, Brock beat Brock.

Believe me when I tell you that Lesnar will be back on track after RAW Tonight. He will admit he got careless and now that he did "business" last night and played ball I fully expect Lesnar to run all over the WWE until John Cena returns from whatever will keep him off of TV for a few months.

Remember..... It is "Sports Entertainment". Sit back and enjoy the show.  The WWE always has a method to their madness.

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  1. From what I understand, Brock was losing all his UFC matches at the end of that career. Brock is running out of gas as an athlete. Brock's second time in WWE maybe for him to raise money for his retirement. A smart man would do that.
    Plus, it's time for Cena to take a vactation.