Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My thoughts on "Hulk Hogan"

I have had some time to think about the entire Hulk Hogan rant situation and it frustrates me. It frustrates me that my childhood hero could be "like that"...

 It frustrates me that so many people are experts.

 It frustrates me that the only real reason that this has surfaced is because of a pending lawsuit.

 It frustrates me that we live in a world full of hypocritical people.

 I can only go by my past experiences. I remember when I was going thru my divorce, I had just built a gorgeous new home... felt like I was on top of the world and then BOOM... my world fell apart. I lost my marriage, my home, and my family was split... I was miserable.

 I made some bad decisions and wound up in a miserable and dark place. I felt like everyone was against me and I was made to feel that I was actually the villain in my own divorce. I am pretty sure I said some mean and hurtful things around my inner circle that was me venting in a safe place, I cannot imagine what people would think about me or anyone if they heard us vent our pain, frustration, and anger... sometimes we all lash out and say things we regret. I know that I have and anyone who says different is not being authentic

. It is one thing to call Hulk Hogan a racist if someone found the white hood and the propaganda that comes with it in his closet. But nobody has, thye have words from a man that was dark. A man that made bad decisions.

 Again I am not positive but it is just a theory. Growing up people used to say .... "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" ..... I guess that only applies to kids.

Now before this thread turns into some hate and race bashing,I would say this about anyone of any race, creed, religion, or color.

Hulk Hogan is just the example being made. I may be wrong also. Maybe Hulk Hogan is the man in this video. Maybe he truly is of a hateful heart..... BUT WE WILL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE WE ARE NOT HIM.

Racism has and will always be a problem in this country and around the world. I honestly believe that the media does not help any of us heal, instead it provokes more hate and fear than anything else.

I will appreciate any and all opinions below, BUT if it involves vulgarity and inappropriate content I will immediately delete your comment and block you. Use this as a vehicle to show the world that we are NOT sheep and that we all want to go forward. We are all ‪#‎SuperFriends‬ in my book... all the same. No reason to bash anyone, it doesn't do anyone any good and nobody ever heals.


  1. I don't think Bollea is a racist. Certain media has tried to train us that racism doesn't exist anymore because the "N" word is no longer blasted out in the open anymore. They think the lack of "in-your-face" racism is a sign that racism is dead. This couldn't be further than the truth. Real racism--denying people rights, jobs, housing, profiling and uneven policing --goes on, but it's not as easy to spot because it's not as obvious.

    At the same time, we have been subconciously conditioned to think people of color are more dangerous, more violent, more prone to terrorism or what-have-you based on the images shown and the stories chosen to be covered by the news.

    It's easy to look at a person who uses a racist term and immediately label them a racist. But what about that person's actions? As David said, we say horrible things in private when we are hurting, or just when we think we're in a safe place. Would WE really want to be judged based on THESE moments?

    I don't know much about Bollea, but I know when it came out that Mel Gibson was an anti-Semite, there were reports from people that they knew he was that way for a long time, because he spoke that way in public (Winona Ryder said he called her an "oven dodger"). So a litmus test will be if people come out of the woodwork and say something similar, or if those stories were always there.

    Still though, actions speak louder than words. How were Bollea's actions over the years, with the people he met both in public and private, with fans and the people he worked with. Based solely on the fact that this statement was taken from a moment that was SUPPOSED to be private, I personally hold no lesser regard for Bollea. I know I would hate for people to hear the studip stuff I said/say in private and think that was how I trully felt. We should extend the same courtesy to Bollea until we learn more, if we ever do.

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  3. I truly believe that nobody's perfect and everyone deserves a second chance.....some of the people that complain are some of society's biggest hypocrites!!!

  4. Some of the people that complain are some of society's biggest hypocrites!!!


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