Wednesday, July 25, 2012


RAW 1000 is in the books and I liked it….

The DX reunion was without a doubt my highlight as I have spent a lot of time with Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac over the last several years. Watching BG and Kip get their moment on the big stage was not only beautiful but well deserved. As most of you know both Brian and Kip have had a successful run staying sober for the past two years, and seeing them on RAW and get that reaction gave me goose bumps and a tear in my eye.

RAW 1000 may not have done much to further story lines but who wanted to really see that. The fans wanted a celebration and that is exactly what they got.  Mean Gene Okerlund, Road Warrior Animal, Rikishi, Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Duggan, Sgt. Slaughter, Doink (all of which have been on a Blizzard Brawl event), Sid, Vader, Lita, Mae Young, Slick, Stephanie McMahon, The Undertaker, and let’s not forget The Rock all brought back the memories of the last 20 years.

AJ Lee the new RAW GM… not too sure how I feel about that. Why would Vinny Mac choose a #CrazyChick???  Where were the Divas on Monday Night?? Where was Cody?? 

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin stated that he had knee surgery and could not participate. Not too sure if that is the whole story, but if that is what he is saying then I guess that is what it is. BUT I am not buying it. #HurtFeelings.

CM Punk….. Interesting heel turn or is it?? Will the fans really boo him or will they side with him.  You know Punker can say that he has busted his butt while The Rock has been back in Hollywood and how dare the Rock get a title match and try and take his spot light at the Royal Rumble… Fans will still love Punk and adore The Rock… Punk will not lose any steam, in fact he will only get better with new and improved #PipeBombs. 

Can you imagine the look on the Rock’s face when creative asked him if he would sell a Punk clothesline?? Some of the Legends I spoke with in St. Louis all said the same thing…. “Rocky is doing business”.   The Rock and CM Punk and John Cena program will definitely keep things interesting until Wrestle Mania.

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